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Are you currently suffering under the burden of debt? If so, do not think you are alone. Millions of Americans have experienced freedom from serious debt and financial problems by filing for bankruptcy protection. If you are looking for answers to your current financial problems, then our Gaston County bankruptcy lawyers are ready to guide your steps to a brighter financial future.

What Can Bankruptcy Accomplish for You?

  • Filing for bankruptcy could give you the second chance you need to get back on your feet.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can help you escape from a burdened financial life.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can help you finally experience financial freedom.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can put an immediate stop to harassment from collectors.

What Type of Bankruptcy Should I File?

Taylor Law, PLLC has helped countless consumers experience a fresh start. If you are ready to learn more about your rights at this time, do not wait to contact us. We can listen to your concerns or questions and can keep you informed of your options at this time. Simply speak with our firm today.

Is Filing Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Though bankruptcy can be a great solution for many consumers and businesses, it will not be the best solution for every single debtor. Because we pride ourselves on providing clients with legal counsel tailored to their needs and interests, we would be happy to assess your current situation and determine how bankruptcy could protect your rights and accomplish your long-term financial goals.

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Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to both consumers and businesses. In this type of bankruptcy, the person filing for bankruptcy will file in an attempt to discharge unsecured debt. A discharge means that the petitioner is no longer personally liable for the underlying debt. If there are no problems, you should receive the discharge of your debts within 60 to 90 days after the date of filing.


Also known as reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is available to consumers and people who may be self-employed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep your property and repay some of your debt. In most instances, Chapter 13 will allow a debtor who is facing foreclosure to catch up on their payments. The courts will require that you must create a feasible repayment plan (subject to court approval) that allows you to repay your debts within a 36 to 60 month timeframe.


Chapter 11 bankruptcy is reserved for large corporations. This specific type of bankruptcy does share many of its attributes with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is, however, extremely complicated and is best discussed with a knowledgeable attorney. Please contact us if you have questions regarding Chapter 11 and how it may benefit you.


Chapter 12 bankruptcy is generally reserved to meet the needs of financially distressed family farmers. It gives family farmers the opportunity to keep their farms and reorganize their debts.

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