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Facing a legal issue pertaining to your family, spouse, or your loved ones could be among the most painful and overwhelming experiences of your life. Whether your case involves a divorce after years of marriage, a dispute over custody of children, or a battle over marital property, our Gaston County family law attorneys are ready to guide your steps from beginning to end.

Our Mission Statement:

We must always strive to practice the law the right way. This means our team will treat every client with an unparalleled level of compassion, respect, and integrity. We will provide our clients with the help they desire without every compromising on the quality of results or ethics of the practice.

Why Clients Choose Our Firm

As a smaller, boutique law firm, we are able to provide our clients with personal service at an affordable rate. Coming to our firm means you will be treated individually by an attorney who is personally invested in seeing your case to a successful end. Our firm is committed to zealously advocating for your best interests while maintaining the highest morals and ethics.

  • We value personal service for every client
  • We offer a confidential consultation for every new client
  • We strive to provide exceptional client service every time
  • We were given the Client Distinction Award by LexisNexis (2013)

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Your Legal Issues Can Be a Sensitive Matter. Let Taylor Law, PLLC Help.

Family law is a term that is used to broadly describe the area of law that deals primarily with familial relationships. There are many issues that may arise under this specific area of law, and our Gaston County family law attorneys are ready to assist with any type of family-related legal matter pertaining to your marital termination, children, or other similar legal issues.

We have years of experience handling the following:

We understand the emotional nature of these types of legal matters and handle every case with a careful, considerate, and confidential approach. Because every family has unique needs and goals, we tailor our solutions to ensure your rights and interests are protected fully. No matter what your case entails, we stand ready to help you move forward in the most amicable and positive manner possible.

Contact Taylor Law, PLLC at 704.912.0254 today and request a confidential consultation. We look forward to determining how we can help you through your specific case.

Recent Testimonials

  • Your commitment to assist the family with retrieving items outside of the court room was priceless!

    “Lawyer Taylor, I Just wanted to express my gratefulness for all your help in representing my sister-in-law in court yesterday. I was totally moved by your professionalism, dedication, and legal knowledge.. Your commitment to assist the family with retrieving items outside of the court room was priceless **** AWESOME*******”

  • Would highly recommend them to all my friends

    “Mrs. Taylor is Very knowledgeable lawyer and very nice staff. Miranda & Ashly everyone was very nice and kind to me every time i go there and they always keep me informed of what's going on with my case, would highly recommend them to all my friends.”

    H. H.

  • Mrs. Taylor goes above and beyond to help you with your legal issues.

    “Mrs. Taylor goes above and beyond to help you with your legal issues. She listened to what I wanted and found the best solution for my case. She made me feel like she was on my side completely and fought for me. I was kept informed about all the details of my case. If you are looking for somebody who will do everything in her power to help you with your legal issues, I highly recommend Mrs. Taylor!”


  • It doesn't feel like a law firm, it feels like home.

    “Let me just start out by saying I wish I could rate them 100+ stars. If you are looking for a lawyer chances are this is the first time you have needed one. It can be so scary and overwhelming, I know this because that was me almost a year ago. I have no idea about the laws and how the court system works but Attorney Hailey Hawkins has made this the most easiest experience ever. From the beginning, she spoke in terms I could understand and made it very easy to be on the same page as her. Any time I had questions she made sure I fully understood where we were at in the process. Everytime I have called or emailed her I get a very prompt reply. She even called me after hours to check on me one time, because she wanted to make sure i was okay. I mean who does that?! Let alone an attorney? How awesome is that?! She truly values her clients and works so hard to get the outcome you are looking for. She doesn't make you feel pressed for time. When you are with her for an appointment/ on the phone / or email she is very detailed and she does not make you feel rushed. I personally feel like she goes above and beyond what I expected an attorney to do. I'm so greatful God led me to Attorney Hawkins! She helped me get the outcome I was looking for and she was there with me EVERY step of the way!!! Also, I've used Attorney Taylor as well. I recently purchased my first home and she was the closing attorney for me. She was so nice and also explained the whole process to me. Bottom line, everyone I have come in contact with here at Taylor Law has been so friendly. It doesn't feel like a law firm, it feels like home. Thanks y'all!!”


  • Best Lawyer in NC!

    “This woman is literally heaven sent. Mrs. Taylor goes above and beyond every time. I never had a lawyer before and didn't know much about laws in NC, but Mrs. Taylor guided me through everything and every little detail. Mrs. Taylor made me feel so confident about my case and still continues to help me with it. I would absolutely recommend Yansea Taylor to anyone who is going through a custody case. If you want someone who is going to be with you every step of the way and actually care for you and your case as a person, then I would totally hire her. The Taylor Law Firm is wonderful and highly recommended. The people that work with Mrs. Taylor are absolutely delightful and are always helpful to me. So take my advice if you need a lawyer who is going to fight for you and go the extra mile while making you feel confident and at ease with everything going on,then I would highly advise you to hire Yansea Taylor.”